Simpsons At Home – Andreas Antona’s Thoughts

Large image of the Simpsons Restaurant garden area with the text 'Simpsons At Home' overlayed on top.

Simpsons At Home – Andreas Antona’s Thoughts

The last few weeks have been a difficult time for us all and it has certainly allowed many of us time to reflect.  As I sit here, I could think of 1,001 scenarios that could play out when it comes to reopening. However, without any clear guidance from Government, I decided it was time to take back the reins.

Last month, we launched the ‘At Home’ concept to return to what we do best – cooking for our guests. Diversifying our business means that we can save jobs and it’s a great way to reach out to our customers who we all miss so muchAs the nature of dining changes, offering takeout and delivery gives us the opportunity to cook fantastic dishes and to make our customers happy in a safe and sustainable way.

I am proud to offer three distinctive brands that each reflect the qualities of our restaurants and chefs. Each week we will have three menus available at Simpsons, two at The Cross and two from Stu Deeley.  Each menu includes a starter, main course and dessert with a changing vegetarian menu each week. I personally sign off all the menus and here’s what you can expect:

  • Simpsons At Home – relaxed fine dining (and a few Simpsons classics from over the years) using the best ingredients available.


  • Stu Deeley At Home – the best flavours from Birmingham’s diverse, ethnic cuisine transformed into high end dishes that keep you coming back for more.


  • The Cross At Home – flavoursome pub dishes using the best seasonal ingredients and elevated to Michelin star level.


Whilst it’s been great fun, it has also been a massive undertaking and we are learning every week. We would really appreciate your feedback as we plot our way back to the new normal.

We will share the menus with Friends of Simpsons and Friends of The Cross each
Thursday ahead of details going live to the general public via social media on Friday.
Orders close on Monday at midday for the following week. The team is working hard to expand delivery beyond Birmingham, please email (info@simpsonsrestaurant.co.uk) to find out whether we can deliver to your home.

To ensure you cook your meal to perfection, each Friday at 10am, we will release a short film with instructions and tips from the chefs. We are also opening a hotline between 5pm and 7pm on Friday and Saturday for any last minute questions or enquiries.

We have some exciting plans to extend our range and there will be much more to report in the coming weeks, please watch this space for more details.

In the meantime, I wish you good health. We look forward to seeing you when it’s safe to do so.

Yours sincerely,

Andreas Antona