Skrei – a Norwegian delicacy now in season

Skrei – a Norwegian delicacy now in season

Last month Luke travelled a little further afield to discover what makes Skrei – a seasonal migratory cod from Norway – such a delicacy.

He joined top British chefs, including Michel Roux Junior, Simon Hulstone and his former colleague Glynn Purnell on a fishing trip to Trømle in Norway where they saw first hand the stringent quality standards required to label a cod as Skrei.

Skrei cod spend their life enjoying the nutrient-rich waters of the Barents Sea before they make the 1,000 trip to spawn. All this swimming gives the fish plenty of muscle which results in its firm texture and beautiful taste.

Unfortunately, the chefs didn’t catch any Skrei but lucky diners can enjoy this wonderful fish on our menus until the end of the season but hurry, there are only a few weeks left!