What is Veganuary?

Image of the Baby Beetroot vegan dish at Simpsons Restaurant.

What is Veganuary?


What is Veganuary? 

Veganuary is a non-profit organisation that encourages people to go Vegan for the month of January. They support people and businesses to shift to a plant-based diet, in order to protect the environment. Veganuary is aiming to protect animals and improving the health of people around the world.

In recent years there has been a stigma on vegan food. People are stating that it can be bland and tasteless, well, in fact, that isn’t true. There is so much you can achieve with vegetables which makes it exciting and a lovely way to eat. There are also health benefits to a plant-based diet including it being richer in certain nutrients like potassium and magnesium which are minerals effective for strong bone structure of the body.

The Accolades 

There is no better place to take part in Veganuary than here at Simpsons. Our vegan menu has been known as one of the best restaurants for vegan food in the UK. In 2018, we made PETA’s list of the ten best restaurants for vegan fine dining. The restaurant offers both vegan lunch menus, dinner ala carte and tasting menus. Taking advantage of some of the best fruit and vegetables there is to offer here in the UK.

Simpsons were also ranked among the Big 7 top 50 vegan restaurants in the world which is a huge accolade for the restaurant. The Big 7 explored the world of restaurants that are encouraging plant-based eating. Big 7 Top 50 had a criterion that the restaurants didn’t have to be 100% plant-based but the establishment must have more than 50% vegan dishes on the menu. The restaurant had to have an emphasis on plant-based dishes in conjunction with sustainable produce.

Vegan Cookery School 

Back in November, we held our very first Vegan Cookery School. This allowed guests the opportunity to see how our chefs produce vegan fine dining dishes. The guests that attended the cookery school prepared the different elements of a three-course lunch under the supervision of Head Chef Leo Kattou. The school was a huge success and really highlighted how vegan cuisine is so simple to produce that people should increase the amount of plant-based ingredients they use at home.

Chef Director Luke Tipping commented ‘‘Veganuary is an exciting concept! I love the challenges that vegan and vegetarian foods offer. 10 years ago, it would be unheard of a Michelin star restaurant serving plant-based dishes on the menu, now it’s become the norm. As it gains momentum the more we can experiment and create stunning flavoured dishes, that are appealing to the eye as well as the pallet.’’

Contact Us to Book a Table 

Book a table to get involved in Veganuary and experience vegan fine dining in Birmingham and see for yourself how simple plant-based ingredients can be elevated to new heights here at Simpsons. To book a table, give us a call 0121 454 3434  or email us info@simpsonsrestaurant.co.uk