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Andreas Antona

Chef-patron Andreas Antona’s hospitality background mirrors the emergence of Britain as a culinary powerhouse.
Classically trained in kitchens in Switzerland and Germany, London-born Andreas returned to Britain to work with some of the biggest names in the chef world including Michael Quinn and Anton Mosimann.

As British food started to find its voice, he left London to work in the Midlands and began winning international recognition at the respected Plough and Harrow in Birmingham.

In 1993, Andreas opened his first restaurant Simpsons in Kenilworth - among the first restaurants in the area to win a Michelin star.

Andreas later left the kitchen to focus on life as a restaurateur and in 2013 opened The Cross, which itself now holds a Michelin star. He is also part of the team that launched Pure craft Bar & Kitchen in Birmingham.

Throughout, he has sought to ensure his restaurants serve fantastic contemporary dishes that delight customers.

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Luke Tipping

Andrea’s right-hand man at Simpsons, Luke Tipping, entered the chef profession when his father found him a job at the Plough and Harrow.

Here he met Andreas Antona and, after five years at the Plough, Luke moved on to set up Simpsons in Kenilworth.

Ten years later, the team moved to bigger premises in Edgbaston.
Luke was awarded the first ever Midlands Chef of the Year Award and received a Professorship of Culinary Arts by University College Birmingham in October 2010 in recognition of his efforts in promoting the next generation of kitchen stars.

He is always looking for fresh inspiration and only ever uses the very best seasonal produce.

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